I’m doing this at the urging of my son, who is up to his ears in social media and doesn’t want his dad to be left behind. We’ll see where it goes.

ser at craggy gardens090609

I am a retired writer/photographer/graphic designer. For 30 years or so my wife and I operated a creative services firm specializing in business-to-business marketing.

These days my interests center on woodworking, with an emphasis on woodturning; riding my Vulcan 1500, and trying to coax my reluctant fingers to accommodate the demands of a guitar. We also very much enjoy travel and have been fortunate to see more of the world than either of us ever imagined we would.

In earlier times I was an avid sailor.  My elder son and I raced a Highlander in local club regattas, and both of us have logged many blue-water miles as well. As a lover of salt water, I was also an active scuba diver.  I’ve mostly aged out of those activities, but have wonderful memories.

I’m publishing primarily for  the amusement of family and friends and my own satisfaction. You’re more than welcome to come along, and comment or not as you see fit.

All the best,

Stephen Richie

(Picture: me on my motorcycle at Craggy Gardens on the Blue Ridge Parkway Sept 6, 1009)

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